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Understanding SRP’s Solar Policies: A Guide for SRP Customers

SRP Solar

Embarking on the solar journey is a significant decision for homeowners and businesses alike. SRP (Salt River Project) has taken strides to foster a solar-friendly environment for its customers. This guide delves into SRP’s solar offerings, policies, and how SunPower by Nova can be a viable choice for those looking to transition to solar energy.

SRP Solar Price Plans

SRP offers a variety of solar price plans catering to different energy consumption patterns of its customers. Understanding these plans is the first step towards making an informed decision.

Demand Plans

Demand plans are crafted for customers who generate a portion of their energy. They include monthly demand charges and are available in two types:

  • Customer Generation Plan: Suitable for individuals with consistent energy usage patterns. It aims to balance the cost structure, encouraging solar generation and energy efficiency.

  • Average Demand Plan: Ideal for those with fluctuating energy demands, ensuring billing flexibility.

SRP Solar

Export Plans

Export Plans are designed for customers generating the majority of their energy. They feature:

  • A monthly service charge plus the cost of any energy imported from the grid.

  • Credit for excess energy generated at a fixed price of 2.81 cents per kWh.

These plans are further diversified into:

  • Time-of-Use Export Plan: Encourages limiting grid energy usage to off-peak hours, promoting solar energy usage during peak sunlight hours.

  • Electric Vehicle Export Plan: Ideal for charging electric vehicles overnight during super off-peak hours, fostering an eco-friendly approach to EV charging.

SRP's Commitment to Solar