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Affordable Zero Down Arizona Solar Leasing

Home Solar Solutions in Tucson, Phoenix, and Across Arizona

Solar lease arizona
Premium Solar Panel Installation Customized for Your Phoenix Property

Solar Leasing Made Simple with SunPower by Nova For Tucson & Phoenix & across  Arizona

Your Path to Affordable Solar in Arizona

Discover the SunPower by Nova difference with solar leases tailored for your unique energy needs. With zero down, our high-quality panels are engineered to withstand Arizona's intense heat, ensuring maximum durability and efficiency. Plus, our flexible plans are perfectly aligned with individual usage patterns, featuring panels with low degradation and robust thermal expansion cells.

Why Choose Solar Leasing?

Unmatched Financial Flexibility

Solar leasing is the preferred choice for Tucson and Phoenix homeowners who want the lowest payments without the uncertainties of tax incentives, loans, and lender fees. With SunPower by Nova, there's zero down, and zero hassle.

A Worry-Free Solar Experience

Our solar leasing program includes a comprehensive 25-year bumper-to-bumper warranty for service, maintenance, and production. Enjoy free monitoring services to track your system's performance in real-time and rely on us to address any issues at no extra cost.

Lease to Own Option

Looking to eventually own your system? Our lease-to-own program combines the benefits of leasing with the opportunity for ownership, giving you the best of both worlds.

SunPower by Nova's Full-Service Solar Lease

Our solar lease comes with no upfront costs, allowing you to start saving immediately. With the added peace of mind provided by our 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services, going solar has never been easier or more secure.

Solar lease arizona
The Bright Choice for Phoenix: Sustainable & Economical Solar Energy

Zero Down Solar Leasing in Arizona. Best Solar Lease Program in the Nation! 

Unlock the Economic Benefits of Solar

Transition to solar power with SunPower by Nova and enjoy unparalleled financial benefits. Our zero down solar leasing program is designed for homeowners in Tucson, Phoenix, and across Arizona who seek the most affordable solar rates without the burden of upfront costs.

Zero Down, Zero Worries

Step into the future of energy with no initial investment. Our solar leasing program eliminates concerns about qualifying for tax incentives, allowing every homeowner to experience the advantages of solar energy.

Supreme Leasing for Unmatched Savings

SunPower by Nova boasts the most competitive solar leasing option in the nation. We guarantee the lowest cost, ensuring you receive the best value for your solar solution without the complexity of loans or the anxiety of hidden fees.

Pathway to Ownership

Our program isn't just about leasing; it's about providing a pathway to ownership. Choose to convert your lease to ownership at a time that suits you, maintaining flexibility and control over your energy independence.

A Solar Plan Tailored for Arizona Residents

With SunPower by Nova, you're not just getting a solar system; you're getting a financial tool that reduces monthly energy expenses immediately. We stand committed to delivering solar solutions that cater to the financial and environmental goals of our customers throughout Arizona.

Embrace a brighter, greener future with the financial ease and security of SunPower by Nova's solar leasing program.

Solar lease arizona
SunPower Solar Financing Solutions for Orlando Homeowners

How Solar Leasing Works? SunPower Leading Solar Leasing Program in Tucson and Phoenix

SunPower stands out in the Arizona solar market, particularly in Tucson and Phoenix, by offering a solar leasing program that eclipses others in terms of benefits and financial savings. Unlike many competitors, SunPower's approach is designed with the homeowner's best interest in mind, prioritizing ease, affordability, and peace of mind.

Why SunPower Solar Leases Beats the Rest?

Zero Down and No Title Liens: SunPower's leasing program is a beacon of accessibility in solar energy, requiring no upfront payment from homeowners. This, coupled with SunPower's policy of not placing title liens on homes—a common practice among other providers—makes it a less burdensome and more attractive option for homeowners.

Quality and Efficiency Unmatched: With the world's highest efficiency solar panels powered by SunPower® Maxeon® cell technology, homeowners enjoy more power, more savings, and less worry. SunPower panels are designed to produce more energy over the lifetime of your system compared to other panels, ensuring that your investment is both powerful and enduring.

The Escalator Clause: Unique to SunPower, the escalator clause in their leasing agreements is structured with the customer's long-term financial well-being in mind. Unlike other solar leases that may include high annual payment escalators, SunPower's terms are designed to keep payments low and predictable, further enhancing the financial benefits of going solar.

Comprehensive Warranty and Free Monitoring: A 25-year bumper-to-bumper warranty accompanies every SunPower lease. This includes all-encompassing service, maintenance, production guarantees, and free monitoring services. Homeowners can track their system's performance in real-time, while SunPower proactively addresses any issues, ensuring optimal performance with no out-of-pocket costs.

Solar lease arizona
Solar Panel Installation Phoenix

Step-by-Step Solar Installation Guide

Smooth and easy transition to solar energy


Custom Solar Estimate

Your Phoenix Solar Journey Begins Here!

Embark on your solar adventure with a custom estimate based on your unique energy profile. Our tailored plans are designed to outshine your current energy consumption, utilizing Phoenix's abundant sunlight to power your property more efficiently


Expert Installation

Efficient Solar Panel Installation with Minimal Disruption!

Our skilled technicians in Phoenix install your solar panels quickly and proficiently, often within a single day. We respect your time and property, guaranteeing a swift and smooth installation process that sets you up for immediate solar benefits.


Permitting Made Easy

Streamlined Permitting for Your Solar Setup!

Transition smoothly as we take care of all the permitting details for your Phoenix solar installation. Our team handles the paperwork and liaises with local authorities, ensuring your solar project meets all regulations without any effort on your part.


Interconnection & Inspection

Connecting You to Phoenix’s Solar Future!

The final step in your solar transition is interconnection, followed by thorough inspection and approval from local Phoenix authorities. We ensure your system is fully compliant and optimized for peak performance, ready to bring renewable energy to your doorstep.

SunPower Solar Tucson Arizona

Get Your Instant Solar Estimate Now 

We will not share your information or send you any spam. By requesting your design, you will be receiving the most accurate system design in the solar industry created by our NAPCEP certified engineers.  We will include a full breakdown of the overall cost and savings you can expect choosing SunPower to power up your property.  We use the latest LiDAR technology to determine the best placement for your solar panels. our Light Detection and Ranging scan will give you the most accurate system design in the solar industry because we will be able to strategically detect the best placement for your solar panels for maximum efficiency.

Solar panel installation Arizona
Solar panel installation Arizona
Solar panel installation Arizona

We will begin to build your free system design and estimate. 

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