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SunPower Solar Tucson Arizona

Best Quality Solar Panels 

  • $0 Down Solar Energy Installations 

  • Best Rated Solar Panels 

  • Best Rated Solar Company

SunPower by Nova 


Experience Unbeatable Savings and a Greener Future with Our Exclusive Solar Power Offer – Act Now and Say Goodbye to Your Old Electric Bill!


$0 Down Solar Installation

We offer true no cost out of pocket in-house financing. with low APR rates. Seamless transition to switch from grid electric to solar energy! 

25 Year Warranty 

We offer the industry leading bumper-to-bumper warranty for 25 years! Never have to worry about ever coming out of pocket for any repairs or maintenance to your system. 

Instant Savings 

Eliminate your electric bill by switching from the grid to your very own solar energy system. Get net metering benefits & collect a 30% tax credit for producing your own renewable energy.

SunPower Panels & SunPower Equinox System

  • Introducing our solar services:

  •  Powered by SunPower panels for superior performance.

  •  Micro inverters optimize energy output for maximum efficiency.

  • Backed by a comprehensive complete-system warranty.

  • Minimalist design with fewer visible parts.

  • No unnecessary hardware or utility boxes on exterior walls.

  • Easily add energy storage for backup power and reduced peak-time charges.

  • Experience the best in solar technology with our streamlined and reliable installations.

SunPower Solar Panels SunPower Equinox System

Solar Panel Warranty Benefits: Complete Confidence with SunPower's Bumper-to-Bumper 25-Year Guarantee

  • Comprehensive Coverage: SunPower's solar panel warranty goes beyond just the panels. We stand behind your entire system, offering a true bumper-to-bumper warranty for 25 years. Our commitment ensures that every component is protected, giving you complete peace of mind.

  • Hassle-Free Repairs: With SunPower's warranty, you won't have to worry about additional costs for repairs or replacements. We provide repair or replacement services at no extra charge, including labor and shipping. Our goal is to keep your solar energy system running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Easy Claims Process: Forget about tedious paperwork. At SunPower, we don't require receipts, proof of purchase, or written claims to honor our warranty. We make the process simple and straightforward, so you can focus on enjoying the benefits of solar energy without any hassle.

  • Rust Damage Coverage: If you have seaside installations, rust damage can be a concern. But with SunPower's warranty, you're covered. Our warranty extends to cover rust damage, ensuring that your solar panels remain protected even in challenging environments.

  • Transparent and Holistic: At SunPower, we treat the system as a whole. There are no hidden warranty clauses or surprises. Our warranty is designed to be transparent and comprehensive, giving you complete confidence in your solar energy investment.

  • Unlock the power of solar energy with SunPower's industry-leading solar panel warranty. Invest with confidence, knowing that your system is backed by our 25-year bumper-to-bumper guarantee.

SunPower Tucson Arizona

Introducing the Power of SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels 

  • Unparalleled Reliability: SunPower Maxeon solar cells feature a unique copper backing, setting them apart from conventional solar cells. This innovative design enhances the cell's durability and makes it exceptionally resistant to environmental factors such as corrosion, cracking, and degradation. With SunPower Maxeon solar cells, you can trust in long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

  • Exceptional Efficiency: Our Maxeon solar cells are renowned for their unmatched efficiency, delivering more power from the same sunlight compared to conventional solar cells. The advanced cell technology captures and converts a higher percentage of sunlight into usable electricity, maximizing energy production and optimizing your solar system's performance.

  • Durable Construction: SunPower Maxeon solar cells are built to withstand the harshest conditions. They are engineered with a solid copper foundation, ensuring superior structural integrity and resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV radiation. This robust construction guarantees the longevity and reliability of your solar system, even in challenging environments.

  • Industry-Leading Warranty: Backed by SunPower's industry-leading warranty, our Maxeon solar cells provide you with added assurance. This comprehensive warranty covers not only the solar cells but also the entire solar system, giving you peace of mind and protection against any potential defects or issues that may arise.

  • High-Performance Solutions: Incorporating SunPower Maxeon solar cells into your solar installations means you can benefit from the highest levels of power output and energy generation. Whether you are installing solar panels on your residential or commercial property, SunPower Maxeon technology ensures you get the most out of your investment, producing more electricity over the system's lifetime.

With SunPower Maxeon solar cells, you can harness the power of advanced technology, experience unparalleled reliability, and maximize the energy production of your solar system. Trust in our durable and high-efficiency solar cells to provide you with a sustainable and long-term solution for your energy needs.

SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels

Start Saving & Protecting Yourself From Rising Inflation

The financial savings are clear. Not only will solar decrease your monthly electric bill, it will increase your home value and let you start saving money from day one. Your financial budget suddenly seems brighter with both Net-Metering & Tax Credits to help fund your solar project!

  • Eliminate your rising electric cost

  • Collect a 26% Tax Incentive

  • Sell your left over energy back into the grid

  • Save instantly when switching from grid to solar energy 

  • Increase your home value

SunPower Toucson Arizona solar.jpg

Request your free system design & estimate

By requesting your design, you will be receiving the most accurate system design in the solar industry created by our NAPCEP-certified engineers.  We will include a full breakdown of the overall cost and savings you can expect choosing SunPower to power up your property. 

We use the latest LiDAR technology to determine the best placement for your solar panels. our Light Detection and Ranging scan will give you the most accurate system design in the solar industry because we will be able to strategically detect the best placement for your solar panels for maximum efficiency. 

SunPower Solar Tucson Arizona
SunPower Solar Tucson Arizona

We will begin to build your free system design and estimate. 

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