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SunPower Tucson

Tucson is considered to be a perfect place for solar with an average of well over 300 sunny days per year in Tucson, even the Solar Energy Industries Association* (SEIA) ranks Arizona as one of the best geographical areas for solar energy to produce maximum output. Since the approval of the Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff in 2006*, which required utility companies to provide at least 15% of power from renewable energy sources, the solar energy market has rapidly expanded throughout the state of Arizona.

Tucson's sun-soaked plains invite its residents, businesses, government facilities, nonprofits, and more to experience clean energy with solar solutions.

How much solar energy does Tucson produce? Tucson's reputation as one of the sunniest cities in Arizona has its advantages. This Arizona solar boom has many solar providers from all over the USA selling solar door to door. Currently, there are over 307 solar companies throughout the state of Arizona so if you're deciding to go solar make sure you deal with a reputable company that has been around as long as the warranty they offer.

So far, enough solar has been installed in Arizona to power more than 750,000 homes, the SEIA* indicates that Arizona's total solar energy output currently provides 7.59% of the state's electricity, with ample room for growth.

What are the advantages of going solar in Tucson? Besides the reliable and renewable energy that comes from solar power—and the decrease in utility bills—Arizona law favors clean energy with legislation that overrides any local restrictions barring property owners from the use or installation of solar panels. That means that any homeowner may convert their home to solar power without the hassle of local ordinances or HOA regulations.

Arizona offers considerable tax credits for both residential and commercial property owners who wish to convert homes or businesses to solar energy. The Residential Solar and Wind Energy Systems Tax Credit, along with credits for installation stub-outs for solar hot water heaters and 100% sales tax exemptions for the purchase of eligible solar equipment, means there are lots of opportunities for Tucson residents to save money on going solar.

The Arizona Corporate Non-Residential Solar and Wind Tax Credit, the state allows a credit of up to $25,000 per year for solar panel installation on a single building, or a total credit of $50,000 per year for any business, with no minimum restrictions concerning the size of the solar energy system.

What to consider when going solar in Arizona

With a 45% decrease in the price of solar energy over the last five years*, clean energy has never been more affordable or advantageous, but there are also a lot of poor-quality systems that are being installed.

What has been happening is that homeowners are being shown nice production and pricing numbers that may look good on paper but the overall product performance is horrible causing the system to degrade rapidly and lose power output the first few years causing the homeowners to tap back into the grid for electricity not being produced by their solar system.

What is happening is that there are a lot of solar providers now that are getting cheap equipment from the distributors and mashing up the lowest cost components from the solar panels, inverters, and racking systems and selling them at a higher cost. This can way to do business can cause warranty issues for the homeowner. If your equipment is made by different manufacturers you will have to contact each manufacturer for any warranty claims. Another danger is that the manufacturer warranty may not be honored because your equipment is not rated to work in harmony with each other causing the homeowner to hold the bag and having to come out of pocket for any repairs.

`Another danger that homeowners face with having cheap nonmatching equipment is that this can be a potential engineering disaster waiting to happen. Each component must be designed to handle a specific flow of electricity. For example, when you buy a new cell phone, it comes with its own charger by the manufacturer that is designed specifically for that device, but when you use another charger say from a gas station, that charger is universal and not made for your specific phone. Yes, it will charge your device but it will cause damage to your battery each time you use it! You may not notice it right away but you will see that your battery life is a lot shorter than before in a few months compared to where it was when you were using the manufactured charger that was designed just for that device. It is the same concept for solar energy systems. Be aware and know your product before you sign any documents!

SunPower Offers Tucson Solar With One Brand One Warranty

There was no other provider in Tucson offing solar that is manufactured and installed by the same company until now. We at SunPower by Nova, are local in Tucson and offer the absolute bottom dollar for SunPower solar systems. All services from start to finish will be completed by SunPower cooperation, nothing will be sub-contracted by a 3rd party! All equipment from solar panels, micro inverters, racking systems, and energy storage is made by SunPower installed by SunPower. Our systems are designed to work in perfect harmony so that there will never be performance issues.

SunPower Tucson Exclusive Warranty

SunPower offers one warranty for the entire system which is good for homeowners since they will only have to call one phone number if there is maintenance required. SunPower offers a true 25-year bumper-to-bumper warranty from labor work, craftsmanship, solar panels, micro inverters, racking systems, and energy storage.

This short video will cover more details on what to expect SunPower warranty you will get in Tucson.

In Tucson, we see that the average home with solar is about a 5-8 kW system that ranges from $16,000 to $35,000, or in other words from $2.90 to $3.50 per watt. And that's before considering the benefits of any available tax credits or incentives. We also see that the majority of these systems are priced high for the quality that they are.

Our SunPower systems are priced low for the high quality that they are. The goal is to advance the renewable energy industry to help combat the dangers made by carbon-based energy sources. We also aim to give homeowners a high-quality system while reducing their overall energy cost. We do this by offering an exclusive in-house $0 down solar ownership program that allows the homeowners to make a smooth and seamless switch from grid energy to their very own solar energy.

How Much Will I Save With A SunPower System?

For example, say a homeowner in Tucson pays an average electric bill from TEP at $150 per month before getting a SunPower solar system installed. After the installation of a SunPower Equinox solar system, the customer's TEP bill is now $0 If the homeowner chooses our $0 down option, the new energy bill for the solar system will now be only $60 vs the $150 they were paying, so off the bat, they are already saving money and doing their part to advance humanity to enter into a better and cleaner green environment. If the homeowner chooses to pay cash up-front after installation they will no longer have to pay for energy ever again.

If you're curious to see how much money you can save with our SunPower systems then request a free estimate by Clicking Here


​SunPower Equinox Systems

​REC, LG, Q-Cell Panasonic & more

The SunPower Equinox system is the only option that provides you with all system components from one company. This choice provides you with industry-leading performance and warranty coverage. All services from start to finish are done by SunPower direct with SunPower by Nova in Tucson. There are no Sub-Contracting 3rd party services. PRODUCT QUALITY

  • Panels: 25 Years

  • Inverters: 25 Years

  • Racking: 25 Years

  • Monitoring: 10 Years


  • Start Point: 98%

  • Yearly Decline: 0.25%

  • End Point: 92%


  • Shipping – New Part: Included

  • Shipping – Old Part: Included

  • Installation: Included

Other system components required include inverters, racking, and monitoring – from various manufacturers, depending on your solar installer’s personal preference. This is the reason other systems don't hold up as well as SunPower. Currently, as of 2022, LG & Panosinc no longer are making solar panels so be aware of this as it can potentially cause warranty or supply issues if you are needing maintenance or replacement in the future. PRODUCT QUALITY

  • Panels: 12-25 Years

  • Inverters: Varies (Separate Manufacturer Warranty)

  • Racking: Varies (Separate Manufacturer Warranty)

  • Monitoring: Varies (Separate Manufacturer Warranty)


  • Start Point: 97%

  • Yearly Decline: 0.50+%

  • End Point: 60-80%


  • Shipping – New Part: Not Included

  • Shipping – Old Part: Not Included

  • Installation: Not Included

Notes: 25 years only if the system is installed by a select authorized dealer and registered within 90 days. Excludes rust, transport, and “external stress and strain” damage. Panels must remain on the original roof. Subtract 5% of power in favor of Panasonic. Claims require an original paper guarantee and invoice.

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