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Rising Energy Rates & Power Outages in Tucson and Phoenix Arizona

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

TEP Raising Electric Rates Again & Warns Of Potential Power Outages

TEP is asking customers to reduce energy usage between 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. during the summer months. Though, TEP says, the company is prepared for the heat, extreme weather could increase energy costs and cause power outages. Customers are urged to avoid using large appliances, set the thermostat to 78 degrees, use a ceiling fan, plan meals ahead of time and program pool pumps to run at morning or midday. Source: TEP & KOLD 13 News

On top of TEP suggesting residents to limit energy usage in extreme 100+ degree heat but they are warning of potential power outages occurring. This problem is due to an unstable outdated electric grid which will required regular maintenance and upgrade to keep up with growth and the rise of electric vehicles being used and becoming more affordable and accessible.

The trend of rising rates and black-outs is the new normal and we can expect them to become more frequent with more intensity not just in Tucson and Phoenix Arizona but nationwide.

Arizona Public Service, Tucson Electric Power, and the Salt River Project continue to invest in large natural gas plants and run coal-fired generating stations, kicking the can down the road and leaving customers vulnerable when the price of gas spikes. Arizona Corporation Commission denied the Salt River Project’s second attempt to massively expand its Coolidge gas plant, citing poor planning and a rushed investment at the expense of ratepayers and the surrounding communities.

This business model is outdated and is not serving anyone rather its doing more harm on consumers. The average consumer pays between $150-$300 for electricity and homeowners with pools and larger homes are seeing an increase of $300-$700 electric bills! This is unstable on top of inflation in food, gas and overall life expenses going up.

The cost of providing safe, reliable service is increasing rapidly as inflation exacerbates the impacts of supply chain challenges, regional energy capacity constraints and extreme weather events," said Susan Gray, TEP’s President and CEO. "Our proposed rates are needed to support systems and infrastructure that protect and upgrade our grid, expand our use of cleaner energy and help us serve the expanding energy needs of our growing community."

Consumer Prices Are Still Climbing


From the cost of buying and renting homes, weekly groceries, filling up the gas tank, booking travel and more, rising prices have hit U.S. spenders for much of this year. The skyrocketing cost of living has prompted state legislators to suspend gas taxes and encouraged a flurry of moves from the White House and Federal Reserve in an effort to keep prices from spiraling out of control.

So is there a solution to this problem?

How would you like to avoid the future rate hikes and black-outs which has become more frequent and become more intense? How would you like become energy independent and not rely on the unstable out-dated electric grid? How would you like to simply transition from grid energy to your own energy? Sounds nice but expensive right? No its not! Actually it cost $0 to own your your own energy. In fact, the US government is offering a 26% tax incentive to encourage Americans to be energy independent. We are talking about owning solar energy. We at SunPower by Nova offer the only reliable solar systems in the entire USA. SunPower wasn't offered in Pima county but now this #1 Solar Brand is here to help Tucson get the best system that is guaranteed to produce and meet your energy needs that it is backed by a true 25 year bumber-to-bumber warranty. Not only that its backed by a true warranty but we are also backed by a $200ML warranty reserve from the SEC since SunPower is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq!

See why SunPower is #1

Production Guarantee

Not only that we guarantee production, but in the less likely event that you are having to pay the grid again due to underproduction from our solar systems, then we will reimburse you 100% and add more to your system to make sure you are never having to pay for grid electricity again! No other offers that guarantee but we do. This is the promise and guarantee of owning a SunPower Equinox System that no one else can offer.

Back-Up Energy Storage

SunVault Power Back-Up Storage Energy storage allows you to store the energy your solar system produces on-site. This means you can use that energy whenever you need it—including during a grid outage. Don’t leave these essential circuits without power:

  • Lights

  • Sump pump (protect your home during a storm)

  • Multiuse outlets

  • Garage door (make sure you can get your car out)

  • Refrigerator (preserve your fresh food)

  • AC Unit

  • And more

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