LightYear One Electric Vehicle Powered by SunPower

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Lightyear One is the world’s first long-range solar car, powered by five square meters of

SunPower® Maxeon® cell technology!

We tend to think of electric cars as the most energy-efficient of all. But not long ago, the innovators at a startup called Lightyear saw vast room for improvement in the rapidly-growing world of EVs. So they set out to create something remarkable: an electric car that uses energy-efficient design and integrated solar cells to dramatically increase its range between recharges. All with a design aesthetic as clean as the energy it produces.

Today, that dream is quickly becoming a reality in the form of Lightyear One, a fully-functioning EV complete with SunPower® Maxeon® solar cells. Recent testing showed that it can travel up to 725km without a recharge – a distance no other available EV can touch. And Lightyear will begin delivering its newly launched solar and electric car in November 2022. It comes at a hefty price tag but can pull off a feat no rival company has yet achieved.

Lightyear could be the most game-changing car company on the planet. Why? Their first car concept, Lightyear One, is a hyper-efficient car with SunPower Maxeon solar cells integrated into the bonnet and roof of the car - which means no need for an entire grid infrastructure to power electric vehicles.

Due to its efficiency, Lightyear One is self-sufficient for most of the year (and can be charged by a normal outlet at any other time ensuring it can be used without special charging points.) And thanks to the 4 in-wheel motors and air-suspension the car can also traverse both rough terrain and highways with ease.

Continuous Charging

The optimised aerodynamics and design of Lightyear One mean that a fully-charged battery has a range of up to 725km – enough to travel from Amsterdam to Paris, and beyond. Thanks in large part to the SunPower solar cells crafted into its bonnet and roof, Lightyear One can charge up to 12km/h as it goes. And since this impressive range extends with every hour of sunlight, solar technology with superior low-light capabilities is critical. Maxeon solar cells are engineered to be highly receptive to the blue light of early morning and cloudy conditions, as well as the red light of evening. By producing power earlier and staying on longer, SunPower technology gives Lightyear One the maximum clean energy possible. And a driving range second to none.

Built to Last

Lightyear One’s integrated solar cells are responsible for powering a significant portion of the car’s lifetime mileage, a power and endurance test only SunPower technology can handle. Our Maxeon panels, comprised of Maxeon cells, are ranked #1 for durability in the most challenging conditions, including extreme temperatures, jarring vibrations and high winds. And SunPower sets the standard for reliability, as well; testing shows that a 25-year-old Maxeon panel generates more power than a brand-new conventional panel.

Advanced Aerodynamics

The less air a car must move, the further it can travel on the same amount of energy. The Lightyear team painstakingly optimized the airflow around and under every part of the vehicle, from chassis to crash zone to wheel bays. Even the exterior mirrors were replaced with sideview cameras. The resulting teardrop body shape is as elegant as it is efficient, and SunPower Maxeon solar cells proved to be the perfect complement. Our innovative copper foundation gives each cell far more strength and flexibility than conventional ones, wrapping beautifully around Lightyear One’s sweeping contours without cracking. And since there are no unsightly metal lines across the front like typical cells, Maxeon technology blends seamlessly with the car’s minimalist styling, while delivering maximum power.

Driving Sustainability

By using sustainable materials throughout Lightyear One, and by expecting suppliers to meet proper environmental and ethical standards, the Lightyear team ensures that sustainability is core to its entire process. It’s a commitment we share as a sustainability leader, earning solar’s first and only landfill-free verification from NSF for our Mexicali, Mexico fabrication facility. We were also the first solar panel manufacturer to achieve the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified™ designation for our Maxeon DC solar panels.

Leading Innovation

SunPower been leading solar innovation since 1985 with its only copper backed solar cell built to last for over 40 years. Not only is SunPower is being used for electric vehicles, space exploration but it's been used to power up residential homes, businesses and power plants across the USA.

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