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Florida’s Leading Tesla Powerwall and Maxeon Solar Panel Installations

Florida’s Leading Tesla Powerwall and Maxeon Solar Panel Installations.png

Get Reliable Backup Power for as Low as $35 a Month 

Florida’s Leading Tesla Powerwall and Maxeon Solar Panel Installations

Combine Tesla Powerwall and Maxeon Solar Panels for the Best Backup Power in Florida

Are you tired of unreliable grid power? Nova Energy offers the best combination of Tesla Powerwall and Maxeon solar panels by SunPower in Florida, providing you with affordable, reliable, and sustainable backup power solutions. With our zero down leasing options, you can enjoy top-notch backup power without worrying about maintenance or upfront costs.

Why Choose Tesla Powerwall and Maxeon Solar Panels?

The Tesla Powerwall and Maxeon solar panels provide the ultimate uninterruptible power supply, offering:

  • Seamless Integration: Perfectly integrated to provide continuous power.

  • Reliable Backup: Keeps your home powered during outages.

  • Energy Independence: Store solar energy for use anytime, reducing reliance on the grid.

  • Cost Savings: Save more by combining solar and battery backup compared to staying on the grid.

Benefits of Maxeon Solar Panels by SunPower

Maxeon solar panels stand out from the competition due to their advanced technology and durability:

  • Anti-Thermal Expansion Technology: Reduces stress and prevents cracks caused by temperature fluctuations.

  • Copperback Technology: Provides superior conductivity and reliability.

  • Highest Power Output: Delivers peak performance even in extreme conditions, ensuring maximum energy generation.

  • 40-Year Warranty: Unmatched warranty covering all aspects, including installations near saltwater, making them ideal for Florida's coastal areas.

  • Durability in Harsh Climates: Designed to withstand Florida’s high humidity, saltwater exposure, and temperatures above 77°F, unlike many other solar panels that fail in such conditions.

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Get a Free System Design and Proposal

Discover the Best Backup Power Solution for Your Home

Ready to experience the benefits of a reliable backup power system and maximize your energy savings? At Nova Energy, we offer a complimentary system design and proposal tailored to your specific needs. Our expert team will assess your home’s requirements and provide a detailed plan to integrate the Tesla Powerwall and Maxeon solar panels by SunPower.

Key Benefits:

  • Customized System Design: Tailored solutions to fit your home’s energy needs.

  • Expert Consultation: Work with our knowledgeable team to find the best options for you.

  • Detailed Proposal: Receive a comprehensive plan outlining the benefits, costs, and installation process.

  • No Obligation: This free service comes with no commitment required.

No Ongoing Calls or Communication:

We respect your privacy. There will be no ongoing calls or communication unless requested by you. We won’t pester or bother you. We will simply send you a quote. If you want to move forward, you can give us a call. We can then conduct a complimentary site survey, gather permits, and begin installation as soon as possible.

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We will begin to build your free system design and estimate. 

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