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Why SunPower?

SunPower is the only solar manufacturer in the world that has been around longer than its 25-year warranty. With over 35 years in designing, engineering, and manufacturing  complete solar solutions, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality product in the industry. Each component of a SunPower solar installation is designed, engineered, and manufactured to work seamlessly.

We are proud to partner with an American solar manufacturer that offers true peace of mind to homeowners.

SunPower Equinox System

Solid Copper Back With
Unparalleled Durability.

SunPower Maxeon cell technology is fundamentally superior. As the only solar panel that incorporates a solid copper backing on the back of each cell, SunPower panels are more durable over the long term. SunPower panels are proven to stand up to harsh conditions such as hail, extreme temperatures, and hurricane-force winds better than any other home solar technology. 

SunPower panels hold the record for the highest panel efficiency at 22.6%. 

SunPower maxeon solar panels

SunPower 425 Watt Maxeon Solar Panels

SunPower is the only solar manufacturer that covers your microinverters in the same warranty. Your panels are warrantied to produce 92% of its original output at year 25. With just one warranty for your entire system, any future repairs or replacements will be easy. Shipping and labor costs are included too!

SunPower Solar Maxeon

SunPower InvisiMount Racking System

SunPower® InvisiMount™ is a SunPower-designed rail-based mounting system. The InvisiMount system addresses residential sloped roofs and combines faster installation time, design flexibility, and superior aesthetics. The InvisiMount product was specifically envisioned and engineered to pair with SunPower modules. The resulting system-level approach will amplify the aesthetic and installation benefits for both homeowners and installers

Solar panel installations

SunVault Power Back-Up Storage 

Energy storage allows you to store the energy your solar system produces on-site.  This means you can use that energy whenever you need it—including during a grid outage.  Don’t leave these essential circuits without power:

  • Lights

  • Sump pump (protect your home during a storm)

  • Multiuse outlets

  • Garage door (make sure you can get your car out)

  • Refrigerator (preserve your fresh food)

  • And more

Request your free system design & estimate

SunPower Solar Tucson Arizona

By requesting your design, you will be receiving the most accurate system design in the solar industry created by our NAPCEP certified engineers.  We will include a full breakdown of the overall cost and savings you can expect choosing SunPower to power up your property. 

We use the latest LiDAR technology to determine the best placement for your solar panels. our Light Detection and Ranging scan will give you the most accurate system design in the solar industry because we will be able to strategically detect the best placement for your solar panels for maximum efficiency. 

SunPower Solar Tucson Arizona

We will begin to build your free system design and estimate. 

Solar back up battery power
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